Post Contract

BSBG provides both contract administration and construction supervision services, either in its role as lead consultant or as a unique, standalone service. The group has successfully administered a number of complex international projects, with full-time specialist teams on site. Our services in both contract administration and construction supervision provide assurances that the approved project design is built to the highest quality, within the agreed timeframes and budgets. For the client, the BSBG portfolio and track record provides a guarantee of project success.

In addition to the peace of mind offered to developers, we also provide a vital source of support for contractors working on the project, ensuring a complete understanding of the design, as well as providing assistance in the sourcing of correct materials and completing regular reviews of the onsite programme, to ensure appropriate scheduling. As a contract administration specialist, our uncompromising attention to detail, combined with honesty, integrity and transparency in approach to project delivery serves as a valuable asset for any project.