BSBG has extensive expertise in Building Information Modelling (BIM) that delivers a higher level of project co-ordination from the outset. Our adoption of a 100% BIM workflow on every project is an international standard which has been in place for almost a decade, driving project efficiency and ensuring the accurate digital description of the entire built asset.

BIM is the process adopted by architects to create and manage information holistically on a project throughout its lifecycle. This is a crucial component of the UK’s drive to become a forerunner of the international construction industry, and as per the UK government, all public sector projects must now be in BIM. In the private sector, BIM is also the preferred choice for developers who place value on project efficiency, collaboration and deriving the best value from their built asset.

Project Technologists provide a collaborative environment for all stakeholders and involved parties, supported by the latest digital technology specifically for creation, design, delivery and maintenance. A 3D model is created that allows for access to key product and asset data, while changes made to the model by any parties involved in the project are universally updated and reflected for all to see. For management of information throughout a project lifecycle, BIM has changed the landscape of the construction industry for good. BIM processes are used in new buildings/infrastructure, in retrofit, renovation and refurbishment projects, and the benefits of data-enabled working practices is now widely acknowledged by the industry’s key stake holders. 

BSBG is a recognised BIM leader, and plays a role in its application and development. The group is advantageously positioned to be able to offer clients and developers an optimised value proposition that prevents errors, streamlines processes, and ensures that all the information required is available at the touch of a button.