BSBG in attendance at MIPIM UK in London this week

The Brewer Smith Brewer Group (BSBG) senior management team is in London this week, to attend the MIPIM UK summit. MIPIM UK is held over the course of two days (14th and 15th October), and brings together decision makers and business leaders from the worlds of real estate and construction in the United Kingdom.

In addition to networking opportunities, the event comprises talks and forums in which all manner of topics affecting the industry are discussed, covering key issues across land, technology, societal trends, infrastructure, environment, and of course, politics.

Many of London’s latest projects will be on display, with key developers keen to utilise the event as a means of broadening their stable of potential collaborators.

For BSBG, the event comes at a good moment. With two significant hotel renovation/refurbishment projects well underway, and a soon-to-be-announced residential development in the early stages, the group is beginning to carve a reputation in London for its value-driven, high-end, technical design and delivery.

London architecture event

Image courtesy of Reed MIDEM

Having accumulated a portfolio from its base in Dubai, which includes a range of prestigious developments spanning the asset classes, BSBG entered the London market upon advice from international clients. It was suggested that the group’s prescriptive approach and depth of understanding of what it takes to fundamentally lead the delivery of buildings to the highest standards, was in huge demand in the London market.

BSBG established its London operation in 2017, before expanding and moving to a new office space at 77 Kingsway, Holborn, earlier this year, and as Andrew Bereza explains, this is a signal of intent. “This year we have invested heavily in our London operation, including committing to a long-term lease on our new office space in Holborn, and growing the team significantly,” he explains. “We’ve now been working in London for two years, and during that period we’ve been able to refine the solution we offer which has proved so successful for over 40 years in Dubai, and tailor it further to meet the demands of the London market. We’re now in a very strong position here, as the message is getting out there about exactly what it is we’re bringing to the market.”

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In attendance for BSBG are Managing Partner Alistair McMillan, Andrew Bereza (Partner), Michael Lewis (Group Design Director), and Lead Architect in the London office, Iain Strudley.

To arrange a meeting with BSBG during the event, please email